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Our basic move and installation service starts with a complete disassemble and padded packaging of your pool table prior to being loaded in our truck where it will be properly secured for transport. Upon installation we will provide input for positioning your table in optimal playing space tho you will have final word on where you want it. Installation of used pool tables will be completed with the existing felt which was properly removed from your table during disassembly. 



We provide and install felt brands such as Simonis, West State Pro and Championship. Options for felt replacement range from replacing the fabric on just the playing surface, the cushions or both. Also, you will have a near 30 colors to choose from. Visiting our Facebook page or our Instagram page ManCaveBilliards may be of help as there are many photos of tables we have finished in a variety of stain and felt color combinations. 



Weather you're looking for professional grade cushion brands such as Artemis and Olhausen Accu-fast or your basic rubber, we can provide and install on site.



We provide all types of pool table pockets from leather (with shield or tassels), plastic drop pockets, pocket sleeves and modern leather drop pockets for house and bar tables alike. A multitude of colors and design are available. If you have an antique table, your pockets are one of a kind and most likely will not be able to be swapped with standard size. In this case we offer a service in which your pockets will be custom rebuilt by hand in new genuine leather.

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